Why is Dynamics GP Taking a Long Time to Switch from One Company to Another & What Can I do about it?

Dynamics GP long time

Here’s a true client story and how Crestwood helped.

Customer:  Lately, we have noticed that the time it takes to switch from one company to another is a lot longer.  Is there anything that can be done to improve the amount of time to log on and switch companies?

Crestwood:  Hi, I wanted to reach out and offer assistance with the slow performance switching companies.  Often this is caused by a 3rd party ISV product.  Have any changes been made to your Dynamics GP system recently, or any new products introduced?  Service pack updates or anything along those lines?  Or any possible changes in the network or server environment?

Customer:  Nothing of that has changed on the systems recently.

Crestwood: I reviewed your environment this evening, and as I mentioned, this issue is often due to a change in the environment or an ISV.  In this case, it’s both.  First, I disabled Mekorma in the DYNAMICS.SET file and did some performance tests by switching companies in GP 2013 and it was much quicker.  In my past experiences, I’ve seen this happen and it’s been related to Mekorma.  In the Mekorma release notes, they even mention there have been quite a few issues that they’ve resolved in newer builds which have been related to performance issues switching companies:

Additionally, with the results from my testing, I decided to review a few tables that I’ve encountered this kind of issue before with.  In particular, when a network file share is no longer available.  For Mekorma, on older versions, these include the DYNAMICS..ME240443 and DYNAMICS..ME240470 tables, both of which had references to a network share that is no longer accessible:

Dynamics GP switch from company to company


Dynamics GP switch from company to company

Mekorma’s older versions of software are set to check and validate the path to the Stub Library when switching companies.  The slowing is caused because Dynamics GP waits until the network responds that the path is not available before Dynamics GP continues to load (this network timeout duration can vary).


Crestwood:  To resolve your issue, I took backups of the two tables noted above, and cleared the paths so that they are now blank.  I then tested it, and performance when switching companies appears to be about 10 seconds again.  Let me know if the issue is now resolved or if you feel there is still a performance delay.  Once I have confirmation from users I’ll close the support case.  Thank you.


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