“Maximum Number of Users” Error in Dynamics GP 

Maximum Users for Dynamics GP

We ran into an issue recently where client would receive the following error when logging into Microsoft Dynamics GP even though licenses are available: 

“The maximum number of users are logged into the system.” 

Maximum Number of Users in GP

Clicking OK closes Dynamics GP.  What is also strange is that the “Users Allowed” and “Current Users” fields both show 0.  

When logging in with SA, there are no issues and the correct number of Users Allowed is displayed, as well as the correct number of users currently logged in: 

Maximum Number of Users in GP

How to Solve the Error 

This turned out to be a very simple issue.  The user logging in was assigned the “Limited” User Type, and the client did not own any licenses for limited users: 

Maximum Number of Users in GP

Licenses Owned: 

  • Full User                   7
  • Limited User            0
  • Self Serve User     21
  • Platform: Intel
  • Operating system: Windows, Win
  • Database: SQL

The client had recently made some licensing changes to GP and overlooked the fact that one or more users were assigned this User Type. 

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