Easy & Low-Cost Protection against Ransomware

Ransomware Attack

Every day, we hear horror stories about businesses losing money to ransomware attackers.  All it takes is one person to open the wrong email and instantly, all your data is held captive unless you pay up.

Recently, Riviera Beach, Florida was a victim of this type of attack, crippling the entire city’s computer system.  It cost them almost $600,000 to get their data back.

“The attack began May 29 when an employee in the 35,000-resident city’s police department opened an email containing a piece of malware, according to the Palm Beach Post. The virus quickly spread throughout the municipal government, disabling the city’s official website, municipal employees’ emails, voice-over-internet-protocol phones and the local water utility’s ability to take online payments. It also forced workers in the city’s 911 dispatch center to record caller information on paper.”

Cloud Quote Ben BorgerSmaller business are equally vulnerable.  We have run into this with numerous clients; however, our Crestwood Cloud services have saved them from these attacks and having to pay out.

How to protect your business?

Whether you have on-premise servers, or use other cloud services, a simple and low-cost, monthly backup service from Crestwood can save your business.  We take daily backups and securely store them away from attackers and they can be restored within a matter of minutes.

One of our clients recently had set up this service, and two-days later they were victims of a ransomware attack.  They called Crestwood, and within 15 minutes all their data was restored and they were back up and running.  No downtime and no loss of business.

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