Are You Getting the Satisfaction You Deserve from Your ERP?

Customer Satisfaction with Acumatica

Analysts love to look at software. Whether it’s the ability to execute and market presence, functionality and usability, or any of the other criteria for ranking vendors and products, one of the most important albeit overlooked criteria is whether users like the software. Often, it’s hard to convince someone to review a product, and unless they really love or really hate a product, requests for reviews often go ignored.

However, these reviews should be factored into your software decisions, and luckily companies have popped up allowing users to share their unfiltered opinions on the software they have used.

The Power of User Reviews

Did you know that 92% of customers trust reviews, and 84% trust an online review as much as they trust their own colleagues? While both viable statistics, not all reviews are equal. Often it’s hard to see why someone has reviewed, who they actually are, and whether they are just plants put there by the company they are claiming to review.

Luckily, G2 Crowd came into the equation to answer this.  G2 Crowd, a leader in the world of reviews maintains a running total of user experience and functionality reviews from real, verified users who have hands-on experience with the software. While much of the hype is focused on market size and satisfaction, an important question that this report asks is whether a software works for users.

G2 Crowd Reports: Understanding User Satisfaction

G2 Crowd comparison reports are based on reviews by confirmed users, and these reports, according to G2 Crowd, go even deeper than their Grids. They only use data from public sources. Software qualityTechnology buyers, investors, and analysts can confidently compare their software options before making their selection.

Often, these reports ask users a variety of qualitative and quantitative questions designed to offer insights into a variety of categories. Reviews on G2 Crowd provide a variety of important information about how users got to the review page, asking questions like “were the users compensated for their review,” “are the reviewers current users,” and looks at whether the reviewer was real.

Knowing this, some of the reviews get incredibly candid, allowing for users to provide their likes, dislikes, recommendations, and problems solved. Currently rated a 4.3 out of 5 on the G2 Crowd report, Acumatica is considered a leader for their ability to deliver a functional, easy to use, and problem-solving product.

Acumatica versus Netsuite

Acumatica vs. Oracle NetSuite: Who Stands Up?

Recently, we wrote a blog comparing two of the cloud leaders, Oracle NetSuite and Acumatica on their functionality and costs—before, during, and after working with the companies.

As we discussed, Acumatica and NetSuite have many features in common. Both offer cloud-based SaaS ERP applications; integrate ERP, CRM, eCommerce, and BI; allow for true mobility; and support a variety of vertical industries. But there are some differences that can’t be overlooked. According to a recent G2 Crowd Report, which compared the two solutions on user satisfaction, Acumatica stands head and shoulders above NetSuite.

Whether that’s in the form of ease of use, payback period, quality of support, or one of the other nine categories, customers ranked Acumatica higher across the board. The entire report, available from the Acumatica Website, answered the following questions:

  • Which vendor ranked higher in all 9 key categories.
  • Where Acumatica enjoys its biggest lead over Oracle NetSuite.
  • How to achieve ROI on your cloud ERP project in just 24 months.
  • Which vendor to choose if you value ease of doing business.
  • Acumatica vs. NetSuite: which product is headed in the right direction?

Read the entire report here.

Acumatica and Crestwood: The Satisfaction You Deserve

While the software is always important, the partner who gets you there is as well. As a leading provider of Acumatica, Crestwood has delivered this powerful solution for our clients. Get to know more about our work and contact us for more information.

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