Acumatica 2020 R1: New Features (Blog Series)

New Features of Acumatica

In the wake of Acumatica Summit 2020 and on the precipice of the release of Acumatica 2020 R1, our team is looking forward and planning our year accordingly. Each new release provides us with a slate of new features to learn, so that we are best equipped to help YOU. So be sure to subscribe to our blog because several times per month, we’ll be releasing a blog showing you what we know! Below is just a preview of the topics we’ll be looking at.

Industry Editions of Acumatica

Acumatica made improvements to every module for Acumatica 2020 R1. One big focus of the improvements was to the industry editions. One thing to note: the industry editions of Acumatica do not vary in terms of functionality. The main modules and screens are the same; the difference just lies in the licensing and what optional modules are included. Two main highlights from the new release that our team loved:

  • eCommerce Edition: the big announcement with this edition is the ability to integrate Acumatica with BigCommerce. (Click here for a case study showcasing this integration featuring our client Firewire Surfboards.)
  • Manufacturing Edition: Acumatica recently acquired JaaS Solutions, which means that their team of developers committed to improving this edition just got supercharged. This is particularly interesting to us here at Crestwood, as the reigning Manufacturing Partner of the Year. We look forward to seeing what new features will be coming.
    Crestwood receives Manufacturing of the Year Award

Acumatica Payroll

Huge news: payroll in Acumatica no longer requires a third-party product! There is good news and bad news about this current release. First the good news! Payroll is native! You’re now able to do worker’s comp with multiple states. It integrates with time entry seamlessly. You can e-file state and federal forms. The module uses Atrix E-File for e-filing tax forms. To update the tax rates, they’re using Symmetry software. The native Payroll module also has government reporting forms, and the ability to process certified payroll and union payroll.

There are one or two minor drawbacks, however. The first is that while US payroll is available in 2020 R1, but Canadian payroll won’t be available until 2021 R1. The second – there is no employee portal yet. It’s in the works, but there isn’t a definitive launch date.

Crestwood Add-on Products for AcumaticaCrestwood Add-On Products

Though it sounds self-serving, we want to mention what WE were very interested in at our booth: our slate of Crestwood Add-On products. We had a full house at booth #53 most of the time, and attendees were very interested in our add-ons. We have two that are currently Acumatica-Certified Applications (AP Inbox Assist and Collections Management), with more to come! We’re very proud of these products, and were excited to see how much interest they generated! As Acumatica users ourselves, we use all these products, and are constantly looking for new ways to improve. We have at least one new product launching in 2020: LockBox. Stay tuned for more information!

Artificial Intelligence

One thing that got everyone excited was the scanning technology and the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI). This hopes to eliminate manual data entry for expense reporting and AP bills by using AI to read receipts/documents and pull all the relevant info from a single photo. The system will begin to learn the bills and vendors, and will continue to improve.

This barely scratches the surface of all the new features that Acumatica has planned for 2020 and beyond. Stay tuned to our blog for the nitty-gritty details, and be sure to contact your CAM to upgrade to the latest and greatest.

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