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So many things go into building a powerful ERP solution. Security, user experience, functionality, and more make up the many reasons that a company opts to use such a solution. However, it goes much further than that, according to a recent report from Technology Evaluation Centers.

This report, Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions: How to Get Big Functionality at a Reasonable Price, discusses a wide range of topics, asking what it means to be an enterprise-grade ERP and exploring how Acumatica delivers this while doing so at a price a midsized company can afford.

Is Your ERP Enterprise-Grade?

ERPMany solutions promise to be ready for the enterprise, but what does this mean? According to TEC, enterprise-grade is defined as the following:

“When we talk about enterprise-grade ERP, we are talking about more than software alone. Enterprise-grade software applications require a combination of industry leading products and services working alongside a healthy partner ecosystem. Moreover, the combined efforts must be led by visionary and seasoned professionals with the financial backing needed to be there long term.”

The right partners, the right products, and the right innovation—led by the right people. However, the report goes deeper, exploring two key ways that Acumatica makes this happen:

Modern, Open, and Full Featured—Enterprise-Ready from the Ground Up

A modern solution needs to be built from the ground up using modern tools and technologies. In order to provide the integration, mobility, and capabilities that today’s businesses need, products need to be built on a flexible platform in which concepts like open application programming interfaces (APIs), mobile devices, and cloud computing are the norm.

In this, Acumatica’s xRP platform delivers. A born in the cloud solution (that still provides the flexibility to go on-premises), Acumatica planned for and delivered a variety of improvements to functionality, allowing the platform to support reporting and analytics, workflow management, document management, and security.

Added to this, the company gave itself freedom to plan for the future needs of businesses, able to work with and integrate in things like AI, IoT, and more.

Deep Industry Functionality—For a Variety of Industries

Acumatica FabricationWhile many solutions used to promise deep industry functionality, they were only able to do so for a limited scope of industries. Thanks to the Acumatica developers and network of partners, Acumatica can deliver out of the box functionality or be customized for unique industries like fabrication—where a blend of manufacturing, project management, and construction are needed.

As noted by TEC:

“This depth is delivered through the growing list of Acumatica “editions.” Acumatica currently offers commerce, field service, distribution, manufacturing, and construction editions. […] These editions provide the additional depth required to support unique enterprise needs in the respective vertical industries.”

Free Report from Technology Evaluation Centers

Most mid-market companies (those with revenues between $5 million and $250 million USD) don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on an ERP implementation. But this is what these companies have been asked to spend in order to have a functioning ERP solution.

If you’re looking for functionality without compromise, the entire report, Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions: How to Get Big Functionality at a Reasonable Price explores a variety of other topics and discussed how Acumatica delivers. In the report, you’ll learn:

  • How to know you’ve found a truly enterprise-grade ERP.
  • Why your users will embrace Acumatica from the start.
  • How Acumatica’s built-in mobile technology eliminates barriers to productivity.
  • Why Acumatica’s extensive partner network increases the overall value of your implementation.
  • How to get enterprise resource planning solutions up and running for less than $100,000.

At Crestwood, we know the needs of the modern midsized business and know how to deliver. As a leading Acumatica Partner, we are proud to share this highly informative report. Ready to learn more? Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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