Importing Journal Data with Multi-Currency ID in Dynamics GP

Multi-currency ID in Dynamics GP

If your business works with foreign vendors or customers, you might want to set up foreign currencies in Microsoft Dynamics GP. To use more than one currency, one must set up Multi-currency Management.  I have had many clients ask me about copying and pasting in data from Excel, but unfortunately, you cannot use the ‘Paste from Excel’ feature to enter journal entries if you need to enter the currency ID in your entry.

Here’s an option – you can use Integration Manager or most of the other mapping products available and simply map the currency ID as one of your import fields.

For example, your functional currency is US$ and you have EURO as a reporting currency, you can import a journal entry in EURO and have it converted to US$ at entry and posting.

Here’s how:

Make sure to have all the multi-currency setups in place. Most of the multi-currency setups are found in the administration pane.Multicurrency ID

Also, under Financial:

Multicurrency ID

In Management Reporter, look in your Column Definitions to make changes as to the currency you want to display in a report.

Multicurrency ID

Multicurrency ID

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