How to Share Teams Recordings with People Outside Your Network

Sharing Teams Recordings

When your business relies on technology, it is good to know what you’re doing or at least have someone handy in IT that can help.

I recently conducted an online Teams training, to which the client requested that the meeting be recorded so that it can be shared with other team members who were unable to be on the call.

We have found it is easy to do but a bit trickier to locate and share with external people. The Teams video is saved in Microsoft Stream, and in Stream, you need to download the video to your OneDrive in order to share it with someone outside your company.

Here’s the step-by-step procedures:

  1. During a Teams meeting, when you are ready to start recording, choose Start Recording from the ellipsis.
    Sharing Teams Recordings
  2. Chat and video away!
  3. When you are all done, choose Stop Recording.
    Sharing Teams Recordings
  4. You’ll see a link in the meeting chat that the recording is processing.  However, it will only be accessible within your network/company.
  5. Here’s where it gets tricky, my one-hour video was not accessible for the duration of the day and showed 0% in the meeting link until I logged out at the end of the day. According to our Cloud expert Ben, that’s actually good news, because at least it means that “they have it.”
    Sharing Teams Recordings
  6. To see the video, go to in your browser.
  7. If you do not see the Stream icon in your Office collection, just type Stream in the search bar at the top.
    Sharing Teams Recordings
  8. Click the Stream icon, go to My content and choose Videos.Sharing Teams Recordings
  9. It will indicate either it is still processing, or show you the video.  But at this point, the only people who can watch it are those within your company. Next to the video, choose Download video from the ellipsis.
    Sharing Teams Recordings
  10. Find your video in Downloads and save it to OneDrive.
  11. Note that you will not be able to share this video until it is finished uploading to OneDrive and you see a checkmark or cloud symbol.   Enter the email addresses to the clients you’d like to include.  You can also add a password and an expiration date for the access. Click Send!  All done.
    Sharing Teams Recordings

I hope this helps you when you need to share recorded video content outside your network. For more help with teams check out Our First Trial of the New Microsoft Teams, How to Find Things in Teams, or visit and subscribe to our blog for more tips and tricks.

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