Is Working From Home Here to Stay?

Working from Home

Get your on-premise Dynamics GP or SL system safe and secure on the Crestwood Cloud.  It’s secure, accessible, easier than you think, and can save you money.

Before Covid-19, flexible work arrangements were a luxury. Today, they are essential in order to keep employees and families healthy and safe. Many businesses are realizing however, that working from home is productive, safe, and here to stay. Even big businesses such as Twitter and Google are finding the advantages of this new remote working model.

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Crestwood Cloud Ben BorgerIt’s Easy & Saves Money

Over the past couple months; we have moved many clients and their on-premise GP or SL system to the Crestwood Cloud.  The prices are amazing. Yes, you need a SQL server license, but many organizations already own that and it transfers right over. Second, we have the ability to remove your old and unused, self-serve licenses, meaning your cost decreases drastically, only moving the licenses you need. Third, if you get a quote now, we are waiving the cloud set-up fees through the end of June 2020. Clients have been able to move their system over the cloud for under $600.

Don’t miss out on a chance to get Microsoft Office licenses free for six-months!  Ask us how.

Backups – A no Brainer

The Crestwood Cloud is designed to safeguard your data. Don’t get stuck paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to get your data back.  Read this to learn what happened to one of our clients. By using SQL maintenance plan backups and Azure recovery Services Vault, you get peace of mind.  If something should happen, even if you don’t notice the problem immediately, there are multiple options to get you back up and running within minutes.  Read more here.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Login Security

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is the best thing you can do for security.  It’s easy – Crestwood sets it all up for you, and employees login as normal, with a code sent to an app on their phone. Everyone needs MFA – 100 percent of your employees, 100 percent of the time. It is the single best thing you can do to improve security for employees working from home.

Contact us today to get in on these limited time specials. Speak to one of our cloud experts to make sure your on-premise systems are accessible and secure for your remote workers.

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