Dynamics GP Quick Tip: Add Window to Home Page

Dynamics GP Quick Tip

Occasionally our team will get a request from a client seeking an answer to a question that isn’t easy to find on the web. We LOVE this. It allows us to flex our Dynamics GP muscles (or any ERP we support!) and solve somebody’s issue, even if it’s a small one. This is one such case: adding a window to display in the homepage.

You can add any frequently-used program to the homepage on Dynamics GP for easy access. We’re going to use the Safe Pay window as our example. To add a window to the home page, first start by right-clicking in the upper left pane.  Choose Add and then Add window as below.

Add window in GP

This will open an additional window.  Then, navigate down and choose Safe Pay > 3Rd > Party > Transaction Upload as below.

Add window in GP

And now your homepage will be updated with anything you want to keep in easy reach. For more tips like this, be sure to subscribe to our blog!

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