Acumatica WMS Basics – A Warehouse Management System Extraordinaire

Acumatica Warehouse Managment System

Let’s get personal in this blog post – in your author’s former life, I worked in a manufacturing plant. We had an ERP, too, and I had my hands in all aspects of the Warehouse Management System, from sales order processing to shipping/receiving to purchasing to payables/receivables (those reports don’t write themselves!) While interfacing with these various functions, one sentiment was universal: everyone hated the new system that I won’t mention by name but rhymes with Schm-Infor.

But – that’s because they didn’t have Acumaticas warehouse management system. When I got a look at Acumatica WMS, I was blown away by the functionality. “John in shipping sure would have liked that!” I said. “This would have solved all the tracking problems our CEO had!” It’s an impressive, robust, and best of all an INTUITIVE system.

Let’s take a look at some basic functions.

Acumatica SOP Pick, Pack, and Ship

We’ll start in the Sales Order Module. Here you’ll find a look at the Sales Order Preferences screen and pick/pack/ship functionality. Sales order processing in Acumatica couldn’t be easier.

PO Settings and PO Receive

In this demo, Mike Aichinger walks us through setting up Acumatica WMS Purchase Order Preferences and basics for receiving items.

PO Receipt and Put Away

Here we’ll see the WMS process for receiving an item, and then how to “put away” the item into inventory.

Item NOT on a PO and Partial Receipts

What if you only received a partial shipment? What if you were sent an item that was NOT on a purchase order? Mike shows you how to deal with that here.

Inventory Settings/Physical Inventory

This video will walk you through scanning in physical inventory. Mike “scans” his items by using a gun and simply scanning a barcode on an item. Acumatica will automatically calculate variances and produce any inventory adjustment forms, if necessary.

Inventory Scan and Issue, and Scan and Transfer

You can use Acumatica Scan and Issue if you’re looking to issue out inventory directly to expense it as you’re using it. Scan and Transfer allows you to quickly move items from one warehouse to another location.

Whether you’re a new user, or daydreaming about upgrading your cruddy Schm-Epicor, these videos will give you an idea of what life is like in shipping/receiving in Acumatica. Easy, huh?

If you have questions or need some assistance, visit our support page for more help.

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