Using the Intelligent Cloud to Migrate Dynamics GP Data

Intelligent Cloud

The Intelligent Cloud is a wide term, used within the cloud services, but many of us with small- to medium-sized businesses (and ERP systems to match) wonder why or how we would use it?

What is the Intelligent Cloud?

First, the general idea of Intelligent Cloud is that the cloud technologies and applications that we use are smarter and provide enhanced functionality for us.  Often, the Intelligent Cloud is paired with terms like “intelligent edge,” which Microsoft has largely cornered, which is the idea that our data can sit on the edge of a device (or multiple devices) with a constant connection to the cloud.


The Intelligent Cloud Provides Benefits for Dynamics GP On-Premise Data Migration


Migration from GP to Business Central

Using the intelligent cloud provides a way to synchronize your on-premise Dynamics GP data to your instance of Dynamics 365 Business Central. Many of our Microsoft Dynamics GP clients have been trying out Business Central and by having a live, up-to-date copy of their Dynamics GP data in Business Central; it gives them a chance to try the new ERP solution with regards to their specific business needs.

There are two levels within the Microsoft Data Migration Tool.  You can set it up to move your data one time from Dynamics GP on-premise to Business Central, or you can take advantage of the Intelligent Cloud features, where your Dynamics GP on-premise data is synchronized to Business Central on a recurring schedule through Azure Data Factory (ADF).

Intelligent Cloud

Using Azure Data Factory (Intelligent Cloud) for Data Migration

Here’s how it works. Your data is replicated using an Azure service called Azure Data Factory (ADF). ADF is a service that is always running within the Business Central online service manager. When you have connected to the intelligent cloud, a data pipeline is created in the ADF service so that data can flow from your on-premises solution to your Business Central online tenant. If your data source is a local SQL Server instance, you will also be asked to configure a self-hosted integration runtime (SHIR). The runtime is installed locally and manages the communication between the cloud services and your on-premises data without opening any ports or firewalls.

For more information and technical specifications, visit the Microsoft documentation on migrating data.

Intelligent Cloud

Microsoft is investing resources in the data migration options and has planned a roadmap of new features moving forward.  Not just Dynamics GP, but for SL and NAV also.

Intelligent Cloud

In the upcoming months, we’ll be hosting a webinar talking all things Intelligent Cloud. Be sure to subscribe to our “Events & Webinars” category in our blog to be notified when the event is coming up.

Have questions in the meantime?  Contact us at and we can set you up with a free trial of Business Central, utilizing your own Dynamics GP data.  *Some data restrictions apply.

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