So Long, CustomerSource: What’s New for Microsoft Help Documentation

Customer Source

As we stroll through the tech graveyard, fondly remembering obsolete systems and tools (we hardly knew you, Skype for Business!), we notice that a fresh plot of land has been tilled, and the tombstone reads “Microsoft CustomerSource.” Here’s what happens when you click on your old CustomerSource bookmarks:

CustomerSource image

Yes, that’s right – CustomerSource is now a thing of the past. What once was the go-to spot for Microsoft Dynamics users to find answers to their questions is now going the way of Midori and being sunsetted. “Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to maintain our entire courseware library, or the site that it was initially hosted on,” says Margo Crandall of Microsoft. Does that mean that Microsoft will leave us up the creek without a paddle? Hardly!

What’s Replacing CustomerSource?

Replacing CustomerSource is a new hub of information simply called Microsoft Docs. At Docs, you’ll find Microsoft Learn, which provides self-guided courses for mastering key concepts. You’ll see a Technical Documentation section, Code Samples, and a Q&A. Q&A will act as a forum for you to search other’s questions and ask your own.

Is GP on Microsoft Docs?

You’ll find an incredibly robust library for the new tools – systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or the PowerPlatform products – but that doesn’t mean that legacy systems are left out. We provided the quick links to the Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL sections below.

Terry Heley recently wrote a blog post about where to go for GP info moving forward, and she has some great info outlined there. Other sources include:

As Terry says, “GP is not extinct!” Microsoft has a lifecycle to support and maintain, so no fear! However, it’s clear that Microsoft is attempting to move all of us along to the newest system. There are plenty of reasons to try Business Central, and now it is easier than ever to make the switch. The latest offer from Microsoft is allowing legacy systems like GP and SL to try out Business Central risk-free. You can always go back if you don’t like it, but here’s the secret: no one ever wants to go back. Find out why today!


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