The Latest in Acumatica CRM 

Acumatica CRM

We don’t need to tell you the importance of a good CRM system. Customer Relationship Management is a fairly new module in Acumatica, and each release comes with a set of new features. We’re going to look at the latest updates below.

Business Accounts

New Layout of Business Accounts Form

The Details tab has been changed to General which now includes Personal Data information and Primary Contact.

Acumatica CRM

The CRM Info tab has been added.

Acumatica CRM

The Contacts tab has been updated to include the Primary Contact.

Acumatica CRM

The Shipping tab has been added.

Acumatica CRM

Account Locations

Changes to Account Locations Form

There have been changes made to the Account Locations form. Items have been moved from the General tab to the Shipping tab.

Acumatica CRM

Mail Setting Changes for Business Accounts

A new column has been added called Recipients to allow for Add Recipients or Override Recipients.

Acumatica CRM


Override of Contacts

The Override check box has been added to the Details tab of the Contacts form.

If you correct the address settings on the form, Acumatica changes the Address on the associated Business Account.

Acumatica CRM

Warning if Removing a Primary Contact

On the Contacts form if you clear the value in the Business Account box, you will receive a warning of the possibility of changing the Primary Contact.

Acumatica CRM


You can pin activities that are most important to you.

Acumatica CRM


Address Enrichment through Third Party Provider

Acumatica provides integration with Google Maps and Bing Maps.

Acumatica CRM

This functionality has a new Address Lookup Box on different forms.

Acumatica CRM

Selection of Owners from Employees

An Owner can now be selected from the list of Employees and the Employees no longer need to be Users.

Acumatica CRMAcumatica CRM

Predefined User Roles for CRM

The following Roles have been added for CRM.

Acumatica CRM

CRM updates are just one of the modules that Acumatica continues to improve with each release. To get a look at more updated Acumatica features, check out the recorded webinar all about the Acumatica 2021 R1 release!

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