Acumatica: How a Modern & Agile ERP System Can Grow Your Business

Acumatica Cloud ERP

Businesses and organizations outgrowing entry-level accounting software and those running legacy ERP applications struggle to adapt to today’s rapidly changing business environment. As a result, companies are hampered by high IT costs for one-off integrations and intrusive customizations, providing minimal functionality to grow into new markets.

Acumatica Modern and Agile ERP

Modern cloud ERP applications like Acumatica empower businesses and organizations with advanced financial features providing a holistic system for growing companies. With Acumatica, organizations expedite month-end close, automate the AP payment process, and reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) with flexible credit limits and credit terms, automated dunning letters, and proactive collection activities.

An embedded CRM arms organizational executives with high quality leads to boost sales with exemplary customer support through native case management and self-service customer portals. Manage your entire business using powerful insights with configurable inquiries, personalized reports, role-based dashboards, and real-time business analytics. Acumatica’s focus on customer-centric business practices, award-winning customer support, and dedication to the world’s best reseller and developer community protects customer’s investments in their strategic ERP platform providing ample options for continued growth.

Download this free eBook and learn sixteen ways that businesses and organizations grow with Acumatica. It shows how organizations align information and workflows to drive significant improvements throughout every area of their financial and business operations on a future-proof cloud platform designed for extensibility.

  1. Future-Proof Platform
  2. Connected Systems
  3. Automated Processes
  4. Actionable Reports
  5. Compliance Management
  6. Robust Financials
  7. Fixed Assets
  8. Mobile Applications
  9. Increased Leads
  10. Improved Relationships
  11. Order Processing
  12. Industry Solutions
  13. Labor Management
  14. Customer Approach
  15. World-Class Support
  16. Business Ecosystem

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