Microsoft Business Central 2022 Wave 2 Release


New feature – Use multiple remit-to addresses for vendors


This feature is going to make many previous Dynamics GP users happy!

Business Central will now have the ability to store multiple remit-to addresses for each vendor. 

A new menu will be available in the Vendor Card:

vendor card

Additional Remit to addresses can be stored in this window. In this example, I created two Remit to addresses with different names and address information:

screenshot 2


I have the option to assign one of these addresses to the purchase invoice in the Shipping and Payment FastTab:

screenshot 3

I also have the option to select a Remit to Code during my payment journal for each invoice:

screenshot 4

If I select REMIT1 on my payment journal, this is how the check displays:

screenshot 5

And here is an example of the check if I select REMIT2 on my payment journal:

screenshot 6

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