Secrets of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: Top 3 Hidden Features You Should Know  

Business Central

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform offers a multitude of features, some of which remain underutilized. Here are three such features that can substantially enhance the productivity and efficiency of those in the manufacturing sector and in managing various business resources. 

Assisted Setup Wizard

A standout tool in Dynamics 365 Business Central is the Assisted Setup Wizard. This AI-enhanced feature can be a game changer, especially for new users or those migrating from different systems. It walks you through various setup processes, from email integration to data migration. The convenience it offers can reduce setup time from hours to just minutes. To utilize this tool, find the ‘Assisted Setup’ in the ‘Setup & Extensions’ area of your D365BC dashboard. 

Business CentralExcel Integration

For businesses where data analysis and reporting are pivotal, the seamless Excel integration within Dynamics 365 Business Central is invaluable. Edit data in Excel and publish the changes back to Business Central directly. It simplifies the handling of data, streamlining the process considerably. Use the ‘Edit in Excel’ function, tweak your data as needed, and then hit ‘Publish’ to update the records in Business Central. This requires an Office 365 subscription but is well worth it for the efficiency gained. 

Business Central

Customization of Role Centers

Dynamics 365 Business Central’s Role Centers provide a personalized dashboard reflecting the metrics and activities relevant to your role. They can be customized to better meet individual needs, thereby improving the user experience. Customizing your Role Center is straightforward: click on your username, go to ‘My Settings’, and under the ‘Role Center’ heading, you can personalize your dashboard layout. This customization won’t affect other users but will make your dashboard more relevant to you. 

Business Central

Incorporating these features into your daily workflow can lead to a more tailored and efficient use of Dynamics 365 Business Central. They demonstrate Microsoft’s commitment to creating user-friendly and robust solutions. 

For manufacturing entities or businesses looking for comprehensive resources to manage their operations, these features are essential tools within Business Central. By leveraging them, you can significantly streamline your processes. 

Should you require further assistance or wish to maximize your use of Dynamics 365 Business Central, we at Crestwood Associates are here to help. Schedule a consultation with our team who is dedicated to providing the support and insights you need to fully optimize your experience with this dynamic platform. 

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