ERP Solutions
for the Construction Industry

Acumatica Construction Edition

Whether you are a general contractor, home builder, land developer, or subcontractor, you have unique needs. Whether orchestrating a project, organizing your team, or tracking costs, your business is constantly on the move and you need a clear picture—wherever you are and whenever you need it.

As you focus on delivering profitable projects, you can’t afford delays, opacity, or misinformation, and you most certainly can’t afford to be tied to a legacy application that slows your business down.

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Benefits for the Construction Industry

By finding a true cloud solution designed to meet the specific needs of businesses like yours, you can increase employee satisfaction, profitability, and communication no matter how large or complex the project.

Get a Better Picture of Data, Costs, and Estimates

Cloud ERP technology has evolved to the point that it can provide an ideal business hub for any growing construction firm. With Acumatica Construction Edition, you maintain 24/7 real-time visibility into your business activities and performance through detailed reports and personalized dashboards that are tied to one centralized database. The system is easy to implement and configure—and it’s designed to be affordable for growing companies.

Reduce Manual Processes and Improve Decision Making

You can’t see the big picture if you are wasting away on manual tasks. What you need is greater control over all aspects of your business on the executive, operational, and project levels. That’s the kind of control that only comes from using cloud-based construction project management apps that can serve up real-time information on any web-enabled device.

Break Down Communication Barriers and Speed Up Your Business

You need your field managers in the field, and can’t afford them wasting away at a desk. However, they still they need to be in communication with the home office, requiring you to break down communication barriers. To do this, they’ll need anywhere, anytime access to all your business systems so that they can find information, record changes, and communicate freely—rather than frantically trying to play “catch-up” in the office every evening.

Key Features of Construction ERP

Construction companies need to take control of their entire business with easily integrated and functional software designed for their specific needs. Among the key features a construction management platform should offer:


Manage projects and financials with standard or custom workflows for projects of all sizes, including estimating, scheduling, and approvals with electronic signatures.

Contract and Subcontract Management

Links between contract details and sub-jobs in the project plan include all addenda and change orders. Added to this, Subcontractors stay current on project needs from bidding through payment, including flexible retainage options.

Manage Commitments

Subcontracts and purchase orders are immediately updated from accounts payable, including comparing budgets with actual and standard costs based on sub jobs and industry standard cost codes.

Project Management Control

Know the timelines, costs, and other project details in real time; get a complete view of the project details that provides updates to the management team with any changes from the customer or the field. Project management functionality provides details and gives leaders the control they need over the way every project is completed.

Retainage Tracking

Retainage tracking is supported for progress billing and time and material billing of projects. Plus, project cost commitments are calculated with respect to retainage in purchase orders.

Mobile Apps for the Construction Industry

Quickly check key reports on phones and tablets and give staff and subcontractors the tools to enter job and equipment time cards. Access the complete system over any device, and search for all project details from one global search box.

Acumatica Construction Edition: Taking Businesses into the Future


Sophisticated accounting software that addresses the specific needs of the construction industry can help leaders in this area increase margins while tightening project control–from estimation to close out.

Choosing the Right Construction ERP Management Software


Choosing the right financial and project management system for your growing construction business can be difficult. There are many products to choose from and they all seem to have the same or similar functions.

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