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Advanced Commissions for Acumatica

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Save hours, even days, by automating your commission plans and payouts for every business scenario!

  • Virtually unlimited commission calculation flexibility to meet your business needs vs. native options.
  • Built directly into Acumatica in order to eliminate the use of Excel:
    • Provide a single source of truth for commission calculation and reporting.
    • Eliminate hours/days per month exporting transactions, calculating and reviewing commissions, and uploading results back into Acumatica.
    • Automate the entire commission process and utilize workflow for review and approval.
  • Commission calculation engine utilizes the power of Acumatica Generic Inquiries – so commission plans can be as creative and unique as required by users:
    • Commissions can be calculated on multiple transaction types across the system – sales invoices, sales orders, AR transactions, projects, etc.
    • Calculate commissions at the sales line item or project task level based on revenue, margin, cost plus, etc.
    • Split commissions at the line item or project task level easily with projects, sales orders, sales invoices, and more.
  • Commissions can be ‘paid when paid’ based on actual cash receipts.
  • Auto create commission export file for upload to external payroll provider or create AP Bills for commission payment thru Payables.
  • Unlimited number of commission plans can be in effect and each can incorporate quotas and tiers.
  • Leverage dashboards so sales management and salespeople can monitor their goals and performance in real-time.


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