Collections Management for Dynamics SL

Stop searching for data and start using it.


Crestwood provides a specialized application for automating time-consuming collections activities in Microsoft Dynamics SL.

Key features:

Here are a few of the time and money-saving tasks you can perform with AR Collections Manager:

  • Save Time and Money
  • Reprint invoices “on the fly”
  • Mass email your Customers based on specific criteria
  • Mass create to do tasks based on specific criteria
  • Email clients directly from SL and attach overdue invoices
  • View contact activity/history
  • Schedule future activities
  • Create template documents including letters and emails
  • Automatically record when an email was sent, or a letter or invoice was printed
  • Perform small balance write-offs
  • New 2015 Features Include – Additional Collections Templates, Sort and Filter capabilities, Improved Reports

Compatible with (but not required) Microsoft Dynamics SL Order Management, Flexible Billings, Currency Manager and Multi-Company Module.  Microsoft Dynamics SL Customization Manager Required.

Get results

Easily create and send powerful overdue notices that get your customers to respond.

AR Collections Manager’s main screen allows you to see a specific customer’s company, contact, phone number and aging when calling debtors. Communications necessary to collect balances–such as reprinting invoices, emailing customers and creating letters using templates–can all be completed. Customer and invoice specific notes can also be documented and maintained from the main Collections screen.

Create unlimited documents and emails from user defined templates

The Template Maintenance screen allows you to define unlimited Microsoft Word and email templates. By mapping Microsoft Dynamics SL data fields to Microsoft Word bookmarks, you can quickly create customer specific collections letters and emails.

Generate Dunning letters

The Dunning Letter Generation screen allows you to select customers by a wide range of criteria including:

  • Aged AR balances
  • Customer ID
  • Customer status

Price:  $2,495

Annual maintenance: 20% of list price

Now available for Dynamics SL 2011, 2011 FP1, SL 2015 and SL 2018 (Dynamics SL Customization Manager is required)