How to Remove the Day in a Long Date Format in Management Reporter (MR)

In Management Reporter (MR), when printing a report with a Long Date header, the date shows the day of the week in both the Report Viewer and the Web Viewer as shown here:

However, most clients I work with do not want the day of the week in the header.

Here are the steps needed to correct this.

  1. Log into the MR application server as the user who runs the MR Services.  Go to the Control Panel, Region Settings:

    Change the Long Date format from “DDDD, MMMM D, YYYY” to “MMMM D, YYYY” as shown below:

  2. Change the same exact Region settings on the client workstation where you are running MR.
  3. Download and apply Hotfix 3780433 for MR 2012 CU15.This hotfix must be applied to both the MR server and all client workstations running MR.  *It does require a reboot.

    Your new MR report heading will now appear without the day of week like this:

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