data using ERP system

Stop Running Financial Reports. Let Your ERP System Show You Data.

Financial management software provides businesses with a full array of accounting functions to record daily financial operations and generate quarterly and annual financial statements. It also provides tools for reporting, analysis, budgeting and planning. But do you really want reams of reports? No. What you really want is data. The right ERP system pulls everything … Read more

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SRS codes

Passing SSRS Multi-Value Parameters in Reports to Sub-reports

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (“SRS” or “SSRS”) have been around for the better part of two decades, first hitting the streets in early 2004.  Over the past 16+ years, many articles and blog posts have been written about passing multi-value parameters between reports using a combination of the JOIN and SPLIT functions.  These work … Read more

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Important GP Bug Report: Black Boxes and Dynamics GP Report Writer

What Happened? Many users are reporting a problem with Microsoft Dynamics GP after the latest update: when you attempt print using Report Writer reports, black boxes instead of images appear on the reports. The following Windows updates (all from March) were affected: “KB5000808” “KB5000809” “KB5000802” “KB5000803” “KB5000812” “KB5000822” This only affects Report Writer reports (Word … Read more

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Regular Expressions in Acumatica

View Historical Transactions with Negative Amounts Based on Document Types (in SmartList Designer for Dynamics GP)

SmartList Designer Tips Next in our series of SmartList Designer blogs, we’ll look at optimizing a basic purchasing SmartList. (If you need a refresher on SmartList Designer, or missed the first blog, you can find it here.) Let’s say that a purchasing manager wants to view all the historical transactions for a vendor. However, the … Read more

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Smartlist builder in Dynamics GP

How to Create a SmartList in Dynamics GP that Displays the Correct Email Address

SmartList Designer Tips for Dynamics GP As most Microsoft Dynamics GP users know, with every version of the system comes with the advanced reporting tool called SmartList. Out of the box, SmartList has several pre-made reports to choose from, all of which pull directly from your Dynamics GP tables, and are column-based (meaning Excel-friendly). In … Read more

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Learn Power BI Dashboards

Learn Power BI the Easy Way

Are you interested in Power BI?  Maybe you’re wondering what it can do for your business and Dynamics GP data? We recommend starting with this Microsoft self-paced, hands-on learning tutorial, “Explore what Power BI can do for you.”  You will learn: Understand Power BI service basic concepts and terminology. Find your content in dashboards, reports, … Read more

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Management Reporter Refresher

A Management Reporter (MR) Refresher: Advanced MR Tips with downloadable guides!

Attention Dynamics SL Users: You’ll notice a lot of “Dynamics GP” language used below – that’s only because we used Dynamics GP for our presentation. Management Reporter works exactly the same in Dynamics SL! Maybe you have heard that Microsoft will no longer be releasing updates to Management Reporter. This does not mean, however, that … Read more

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Dashing to Dashboards in Acumatica

We recently shared some tips on Acumatica’s powerful dashboards and presented a webinar on the new features in Acumatica 2017 R2 with the new modern user interface.  While dashboards are powerful reporting tools that can provide great insight into financial and operational areas, access to a dashboard requires the same consideration as any other screen or … Read more

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Tablet with dashboard

Use SSRS to Save Time Getting Dynamics GP Reports for Your Audits

Most people export a .csv file of their Trial Balance Detail report right from Microsoft Dynamics GP for their audit team.  However, you usually end up spending more time than you would like cleaning it up, re-formatting, and manipulating it first.  Sound familiar? Here’s an easy solution: Export using SSRS Instead of exporting from Dynamics GP … Read more

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Acumatica Dashboard

Acumatica Dashboards Made Easy

Dashboards can be a powerful reporting tool, based on any information within the Acumatica system.  They are visually pleasing and easy to see the data important to you.  Acumatica dashboards are generally made up of one or several widgets, which are a report of some kind.  You can also configure several different dashboards and they … Read more

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Whats new

March 2018: Power BI Reporting Updates

March was a big month of updates for Power BI.   I am really excited about some of the new additions they released.  Here are my highlights from this recent round of updates to Microsoft Power BI. Custom Report Page Tooltips (Preview Mode) What are tooltips? It’s a message that appears when a cursor is positioned … Read more

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