Adding a New Report to Any Screen in Acumatica

Reports for Acumatica

Today we get a little technical! This blog will walk you through how to add a new report to any form in Acumatica. We will use the Sales Order form as an example.

Note on using the Workflow Engine: The steps below are applicable for forms supporting a new workflow engine. Since the Sales Orders form supports the workflow engine starting from Acumatica 2020 R2, the steps below applicable for 2020 R2 and later.

How to Add a Report in Acumatica

Step 1: Report Designer

On the Report Designer, open the report to which you want to add the form and make sure that it contains parameters required to run the report (for example, OrderType and OrderNbr for a sales order).

Step 2: New Customization Project

On the Customization Projects form, create a new customization project, and open it in the Customization Project Editor.

Step 3: Customize Existing Screen

Click Screens in the navigation pane to open the Customized Screens page. On the page toolbar, click Add Screen > Customize Existing Screen and select the correct form (in this case, Sales Orders).

Step 4: Action Properties

In the navigation pane, for whatever screen you’re using, click Actions. In the right panel, click Add New Record > Create New:

  • The Action Properties dialog box will open; then enter the values for the Action Name and Display Name boxes.
  • Select the report needed (SO641000, in our example) in the Destination Screen lookup box.
  • In the Toolbar Folder drop-down list, select Reports.
  • On the Navigation Parameters tab, add parameters required to run the report.
  • Click OK to close the Action Properties dialog box and save changes.

Adding Reports to any Screen in Acumatica

Step 5: Add the Action to Workflow

Add the newly created action to the desired workflow screen states. In this example, we will add it to the On Hold state as follows:

In the navigation pane of the Customization Project Editor, click Workflows under the screen node you want to customize. The Workflows page will open. You can customize a predefined workflow using the changes you have made in the previous versions or you can copy the system workflow instead of extending it or create a simple workflow.

In the Actions tab of the workflow, create a new action by clicking Create Action.

Select the action created in Step 1.

Adding Reports to any Screen in Acumatica

Step 6: Publish the Customization Project

Publish the customization project by clicking Publish > Publish Current Project in the Customization Project Editor.

Adding Reports to any Screen in Acumatica


And just like that: a new report has been added to the Reports drop-down list.

Adding Reports to any Screen in Acumatica

OK, so maybe it wasn’t easy but it is certainly something that anyone can do by following those simple steps.

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