How to Create a SmartList in Dynamics GP that Displays the Correct Email Address

Smartlist builder in Dynamics GP

SmartList Designer Tips for Dynamics GP

As most Microsoft Dynamics GP users know, with every version of the system comes with the advanced reporting tool called SmartList. Out of the box, SmartList has several pre-made reports to choose from, all of which pull directly from your Dynamics GP tables, and are column-based (meaning Excel-friendly). In versions 2013 and beyond, Microsoft added SmartList Designer to the mix.

What is SmartList Designer?

SmartList Designer is a tool within Dynamics GP that allows users to build custom reports, modify existing ones, allows for connection to ISV products, and more. SmartList Designer allows users to:

  • Create SmartLists that pull from multiple tables in Dynamics GP and third-party ISV products
  • Create SmartLists for ISN products that may not have their own SmartList available
  • Create new SmartList based on one of the default SmartLists
  • Add calculated fields
  • Add multiple restrictions
  • Create SmartLists from SQL views

The issue that some customers face is customization. We’ll be posting a series of blogs on how to adjust your SmartLists using SmartList designer to display exactly what you need.

How to Display Correct Email Address with Customers/Vendors

A few years (and several versions) ago, the Dynamics GP tables changed which tables the customer or vendor email needs to be stored in. Consequently, the default “Customer Addresses” SmartList does not include the new email field (To) – only the old one. Here’s how to add it:

Or, if you prefer to read, we’ve listed the instructions here. In this example, we will modify an existing SmartList instead of creating a brand new one.

First, on the default “Customer Addresses” SmartList, click columns and add the column “Address Code.” Click Favorites and give this modified SmartList a name.

Click New in the top left. Then, expand MS Dynamics GP-tables-company-internet addresses. Enter the Relationship information to match this photo:

This will link this new table based on the Customer ID and the Address Code. Click OK and the new list will appear under the Sales folder (Customers with Email). Now, the Email To address field with the correct e-mail per address code will display in this list.

This process can be repeated for any SmartList and group of tables, for vendors or customers. To see the rest of the SmartList Designer webinar (for even more tips like this), click here. And be sure to subscribe to our blog for more Dynamics GP tips and news.

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