What Security Reports Should I Use for Auditors for Dynamics GP?


We often receive calls from our clients when auditors want to review security. Microsoft Dynamics GP offers several security reports you can run for audits.

How to print the Dynamics GP security reports

Go to Reports>System>Security. In this window, you’ll see the list of available reports.

Security reports for auditors

The most common reports that auditors look for are:

  • Security Role Setup
  • Security Role Assignment
  • User Security

If there isn’t an option already set up, you can create a new one. Click on New.

Security reports for auditors

Type in a name.

Security reports for auditors

Select your Destination and click on Print.

If you do already have an option, highlight it, and click on Insert. You can then click Print. Or, if you want to double-check your printing destination, click on Modify and verify your destination. Click on Print.

Security reports for auditors

If you have questions or need some assistance, visit our support page for more help.

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