Using SmartList to Display Attachments in Dynamics GP

Viewing Attachments with SmartList

Which vouchers have attachments?

In Dynamics GP, the Document Attach feature allows you to connect documents such as requisitions, credit reports, and images to master records and transactions. An easy way to quickly see whether a payable voucher has an attachment is to create a SmartList.  Read on to find out more and download our PDF instructions.

How to set up a SmartList to find attachments

Document Attach stores information in tables that begin with “CO“ in the Dynamics GP company database. For payables transactions, the CO00102 table stores data in the BusObjKey field that describes the type of transaction, as well as the voucher number.

You can use a substring of this field to extract only the voucher number. Then, simply join this substring to the payables transaction tables to determine if an attachment exists.

Here is a sample of what the data looks like in table CO00102. You can see the voucher number is part of the string in the BusObjKey field. Note that each type of record in the CO00102 table can be slightly different. 

 Payables Table


For the payables transactions (Work, Open, and History tables), the voucher number in the BusObjKey string starts at character 29 and is the last characters in the string. The voucher number field in Dynamics GP has a keyable length of 20 characters. You will need to use a substring to build the view for the SmartList designer.

Click here to download the full step-by-step guide to copy the substring, then create this view for the SmartList Designer in Dynamics GP.

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