Microsoft Outlook’s Email Attach File Tool

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Microsoft Outlook’s Email Attach File Tool

One of my new favorite features of Microsoft 2016 is Outlook’s Email Attach File tool. There’s no more searching dialog box after dialog box for that document you just saved. Now you can attach your file from your recent item list and share it from OneDrive or SharePoint with ease.

How it Works:

While in your message, click on Attach File or Attach Item and see how easy it is.

  • Attach Recent Files: You can attach recent files from the “recent item” list that is stored in the Cloud (i.e. OneDrive, SharePoint etc.)Productivity Tip - Outlook Attach File
  • Share Link: Collaborate changes with your team in real time. Never lose track of the most recent version
  • Attach a local version: Keep an individual copy of the file for backup
    Productivity Tip - Outlook Sharing 
  • Attach Item: Easily add business cards, calendar appointments or previously saved Outlook messages to your email.

Productivity Tip - Attach Item

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