March 2018: Power BI Reporting Updates

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March was a big month of updates for Power BI.   I am really excited about some of the new additions they released.  Here are my highlights from this recent round of updates to Microsoft Power BI.

Custom Report Page Tooltips (Preview Mode)

What are tooltips? It’s a message that appears when a cursor is positioned over an icon, image, hyperlink, or visual. Now you can create custom ones for your reports and dashboards!


Bookmarks have been available in preview modes for a while, but they have fully released this feature!  This is an awesome way to save and share insights on your data – and to present data as a story through navigation. What are the features?

  • Hide or Show Visuals
  • Present a visual in focus mode
    Power BI Reporting Tip
  • Drill into data
  • Link shapes and visuals to bookmarks
  • Spotlight a visual (calls attention to one specific visual)
    Power BI Reporting Tip


Display units and precision control for Table and Matrix Columns

Now control both the display units and decimal places for each column with this formatting improvement.  This setting will override any model level formatting set for the field.

Power BI Reporting Tip

Automatic visual formatting is better and more intuitive

Microsoft has added more logic to the automatic placement of visuals.  This improvement does a much better job of filling in the gaps.


Turn off the visual header in reading mode for a report

This is nice for webpages, especially when you are sharing your report with consumers.  You can choose to hide the visual header in reading view under the report settings options.

Power BI Reporting Tip

If you haven’t started using Microsoft Power BI, don’t wait.  Download our free PDF, “Getting Started in 8 Easy Steps with Microsoft Power BI”.

Here’s the full list of March 2018 Power BI updates including videos, blogs, and articles.

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