Resetting Benefits in Dynamics SL Payroll for the Next Benefit Year

In Microsoft Dynamics SL, employee benefits are defined in the Benefit Maintenance (02.340.00) screen. The field ‘Year Type’ is used to determine when a benefit will be reset or roll over. Here’s an example and explanation of how to reset benefits for the next year.

You have two options in the Year Type field: Employee Anniversary or Plan Year.

  • Employee Anniversary — the benefit year closes on each employee’s employment anniversary date. Employment anniversaries are based on the date employed entered in Employee Maintenance (02.250.00).
  • Plan Year — the benefit year closes at the same point in time for all employees regardless of their employment dates. When this option is selected, you must enter a Plan Year Begin date in mm/dd format.

Plan Year Processing:

Note:  Benefits are reset (and updated) during the check printing & keep process.

A benefit year will close when a payroll check is printed and kept that includes the plan year begin date. For example, the Plan Year Begin date is 01/01, you process payroll for the period 01/01/2016 through 01/15/2016, the payroll benefit will close and a new benefit year will begin. This is due to the fact that payroll includes the 01/01 date.

Employee Anniversary Processing:

A benefit year will close when a payroll check is printed and kept that includes the employee anniversary month/day. For example, if an employee has a date employed (anniversary date) of 1/15/2010 and the payroll period is 1/1/2016 through 1/15/2016, the benefit year will close for that employee.

Information on Last Closed Date in Employee Maintenance:

In order for the benefit to reset or roll, the Last Closed Date must be accurate in Employee Maintenance. When setting up a new employee, the last closed date for the benefit should be updated manually. If you have a benefit Plan Year Begin set to 01/01, the Last Close Date for the new employee should be set to the previous 01/01 date. For example, if you have an employee with a start date of 3/1/2016, the last close date should be set to 1/1/2016. If you have an employee with a start date of 11/1/2016, the last close date would also be 1/1/2016.

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