Dynamics SL Tip: How to Resolve Month-end Warnings

Does this sound familiar?  You are about to close the period or the year in Microsoft Dynamics SL (screen 01.560.00) and you get a warning that there are unreleased batches. This message essentially says caution — you started a batch in module xxx but never released it and the period to post is the current period or earlier. More than likely, the batch was started but not completed or released; therefore, the status is usually “H” for hold.

The best way to find the problem batch is to try to find the entry screen and either delete it or release it. This may prove difficult, as you may not know which Maintenance screen you need to look at to find the unreleased batch.

Well, I have an easy way to resolve this issue. I highly recommend that you only share this Dynamics SL tip with trusted employees!

Here’s How:

  1. In Dynamics SL, close out of all open screens or reports.
  2. Turn on Initialize Mode.  In Dynamics SL 2015 CU1, it can be found under the Applications button.
  3. Next, open the Journal Transaction screen (01.010.00).  Locate the batch Module field.  Here, you will notice a drop down arrow that allows you to pick any module.
  4. Normally this field is grayed out and you cannot access it. However, in initialized mode, you have the ability to change the value to any module. Once the module is selected, then tab to the batch field and press the F3 key to find the problem batches.
  5. Additionally, if you click on the status column you can sort the data in this column.
  6. Once you sort the column, you can quickly review the batches with a status of “H” for hold batches, “B” for balanced batches and “S” for suspended batches — by typing in one of the letters (B, H, S).
  7. Now that you have found the problem batch, take note of both the batch number and screen id. This information will help you trace the batch back to which module and screen to open in order to review the partially released batch number.
  8. Navigate to find the suspect batch and make the required disposition on this batch so that the next time you attempt to close this module you will no longer get the warning messages.

Note: Make sure you go back and release the “initialize mode” condition.

I hope this tip helps you if you ever get the warning that there are unreleased batches in Dynamics SL. In addition, this is a good place to look if you run into any mysterious unposted activity amounts showing in Management Reporter (MR).

If you have questions or need some assistance, visit our support page for more help.

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