AP Payment Selection vs. Edit/Select Documents for Payment in Dynamics SL

Have you always wondered what the difference is between the AP Payment Selection and the Edit/Select Documents for Payment screens are for in Dynamics SL?  They both are used to select documents for payment in the Accounts Payable module, but what’s really the difference?

The Payment Selection screen is actually a utility that is used to populate the Edit/Select Docs for Payment screen.  So it is found under Processes.  The Edit/Select Docs for Payment screen is used to select documents manually by Reference Number, so it is found under Input.  (The latter can also be used to view the batch created from the first):

Use the Payment Selection screen if you want to select documents using a certain criteria, i.e. by Due Date, by Batch Number, by Vendor ID or by Company ID.  You can also use it to select by Account or Subaccount:

Once you click the “Begin Processing” button, it will create a batch of selected documents, using your criteria, in the Edit/Select Documents for Payment screen.  Clicking the “View Selected” button will open that screen.

If you want to edit that selection batch, you can now change the Payment Amounts or delete a voucher or adjustment from this batch:

If you simply want to select documents manually by Reference Number, you can completely skip the Payment Selection screen and start in this Edit/Select Documents for Payment screen.  Just press F3 in the Reference Nbr field and select each document manually.  Then save the batch.  It is not required to use the Payment Selection screen.

Once you save your batch, you can run a Check Preview report to view your selections.  Then go to the Checks report to print your checks.

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