Multiple Companies Report Not Pulling Data in MR

Imagine the following scenario in Management Reporter (MR).  A report runs fine when running it individually, for separate companies, with no tree.  However, when adding a tree that crosses multiple companies from different Dynamics SL application databases, the report gives no data.  How can this be?

The cause of this is due to different CURYIDs in each application database.  For example, one company may have “000” as its Base Currency.  Another may have “USD” as its Base.  Yet another may have “US.”  If you set up a tree that consolidates companies, the report will come up blank.

Note:  This is true even if you are NOT using the Multi-Currency module in Dynamics SL.

The workaround is done in the Column Definition for the report.  In each “FD” column, be sure to enter “FUNCTIONAL” in the Currency Display field, as shown below:

Doing so will pull data on your report, regardless if you are using a tree or not!

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