Statement of Cash Flow Tips for Management Reporter

The Crestwood Support Team receives a lot questions about creating Statements of Cash Flow in Management Reporter (MR).  I’d like to provide to you answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Cash Flows, and show you some tips along the way.

Default Cash Flow Report

I recommend starting with the Default Report in Management Reporter specifically for Cash Flows.  You can find this report under the Default Report Definitions folder > Cash Flow Default.

This report is set up in a basic cash flow format; however, many people like to make changes to this report.  This report is an excellent starting point for your Cash Flow report, or you may be able to use this report as-is.

Modifying the Cash Flow Report

Row Definition – If you open the Row Definition in the Cash Flow Default report, you’ll see right away that this report is set up to use Account Categories.  If you use Account Categories and they are all assigned properly, the Row Definition doesn’t require any changes.  However, you probably are either not using Account Classes, or may have used different Account Classes.

If you need to change the Account Categories, you can do so by double clicking on the cell and entering the proper Account Category:

To use GL Account numbers or Ranges, you will have to remove the Account Category and enter the GL Account or Segment in the appropriate place.

The calculations are already set up in the Row Definition, meaning all you have to do is verify the Account Categories or GL Accounts for each section.

Column Definition – The Column Definition is already set up to calculate the Cash Flow.  It utilizes the Beginning Balance function in column C.  You should not have to make any changes to this Column Definition.

General Report Options – On the settings tab for the report, there is a very important option that must be set in order to get the results you expect.  Most reports in MR have the option set to ‘Perform row calculation first and then column.’  It is very important in the Cash Flow report to have the other option set: Perform column calculation first and then row.

If you have created a Cash Flow Statement from scratch, are not getting the expected results, check this option, and make sure it is set to “Perform column calculation first and then row”.

I hope these tips will help you with creating a Statement of Cash Flow for your organization.  If you need additional assistance with this report, or you have other questions on MR, please email us at

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