How to Change an Inventory Site in Dynamics GP

Included in Microsoft Dynamics GP is the Professional Services Toolkit Library (PSTL).  This adds a lot of powerful functionality to help you solve common business problems.

One of the tools is the Inventory Site Combiner.  It allows you to combine site/location codes without losing any data.  Let’s say you created an inventory location and you can no longer use it for whatever reason.

Here’s how:

Go to the PSTL and click on the Inventory Site Combiner.

In this example, I am going to change R-FLOOR to BELLE.

First, before you run the Inventory Site Combiner, make sure you removed any transfer from BELLE to R-FLOOR and vice versa from the history tables (IV30200 and IV30300). Once the transfers are removed from history, just click Convert.

Note:  This does not affect any GL reports.

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