How to Find a Missing Invoice in Dynamics SL

Has this ever happened to you?  You see all the invoices in an AR Aging report, but when you attempt to apply a payment in the Payment Application screen, the invoice isn’t there.

Don’t worry! Most likely it’s because the invoice is already in the process of being applied in an unreleased Payment Application batch which is currently in a “hold” or “suspend” status.

Missing Invoice:

Here we see the invoice “IN 000030” in the AR Aging Report:

However, we are missing invoice “IN 000030” in the Payment Application window:

The Fix:

To locate the in-process batch, log into SQL Server and run the following script for the application database.

Select * from artran where siteid = ‘000030’

000030 is the invoice number you’re trying to find.  It will return the following result:

The batnbr, in the result, is the Payment Application batch that is in process.

To find all of the invoices in a payment application process run the following script for the application database:

Select * from artran where drcr = ‘U’

This will produce a similar result but will include all invoices.

Once you’ve found the batch in the SQL statement, go into Dynamics SL and either release or delete the batch.  If it’s suspended, an analysis will have to be done and the proper corrections made.

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