Creating a Dynamics GP Budget Excel Template

Many businesses use Excel templates to create their annual budgets.  By creating a budget template in Excel, you’ll save yourself time.  Just populate the monthly data by the general ledger account, and then after uploading the budget into Dynamics GP, you can include these budget numbers on your Management Reporter (MR) reports.

Here’s how to create a Dynamics GP budget template:

  1. In Dynamics GP, go to, Cards>Financial>Budgets. You can create a blank Excel template with your general ledger accounts.
  2. Click on the new button>using budget Wizard for Excel.

  3. Click on next and complete the following window.
  4. Click on next, it will bring up the following window.

    – Open year percent = creates a budget based on current open year using a % you specify
    – Other Budget Percent = use a percentage used by a prior budget
    – Historical Year Percent = creates a budget based on a historical year using a % use specify
    – Blank Budget = creates a template with the accounts specify that is blank.I would recommend using the blank budget; you can then fill in the budget by month.Note:  Be careful not to change any formatting on this spreadsheet. Also, you can’t use formulas in the monthly budget amounts.
  5. Click on the next button and Dynamics GP will prompt for which accounts you would like to use.
  6. The next window asks if you want select specific accounts or all accounts.
  7. Lastly, you will create a new worksheet and finish (save). In the following window, select “A new workbook”.
  8. Click on next, and save your worksheet.

After creating your template, you fill in the budget by month on the spreadsheet. This spreadsheet would be used to upload budget data in Dynamics GP.

To add these figures to your reports in MR, add budget columns to your report definitions.

If you have questions or need some assistance, visit our support page for more help.

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