Dynamics GP Errors Couldn’t Close Table and Other Connection Issues

Have you ever worked in Dynamics GP and encountered the “FP: Couldn’t Close Table!” or “Open Operations on File” errors when trying to close out of Dynamics GP?

Dynamics GP

Why might this happen?

The reason why these errors occur is usually that something is “interrupting” a process assigned to your machine as it closes (or at any time, even in standard operation).  One of the primary interruptions are scans on the installations folder and other critical files in the Dynamics GP system.  There are several reasons why these errors occur, but there are some steps your IT team or representative can do to reduce or eliminate these errors.

Possible Fixes

  1. Most Anti-virus programs have a setting where you can exclude certain directories within your workstation.  The directories that you will want to exclude are listed below:
    On the Server Workstation:
    –     Microsoft Dynamics GP or Great Plains Installation Folder (typically found at c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics)
    –     SQL folder (where the LDF and MDF files reside)
    –     Shared Drive that contains the Reports.dic or Forms.dic files
    –     %TEMP% folder
    On the Client or Citrix/Terminal Workstation:
    –     Microsoft Dynamics GP or Great Plains Installation folder
    –     %TEMP% folderNote: If you have questions on how to set this up, you will want to contact the provider of the Anti-Virus program you are running.
  2. Another item to consider for exclusion from scans or AV work are the temp files on the server. Recently, on updated major anti-virus systems such as Trend Micro or McAfee, the systems are specifically flagging three files that are used in when creating tables in the temp database structure in Dynamics GP.  The temp database actually still uses C-treeve calls in the table structures, so antivirus are flagging these files in scans, and interrupting service as the extensions for them are not accounted for in the AV system.  There are three files that will also need to be added as file exclusions from the AV Scanning software.  They are as follows:-     TNT*.idx
    –     TNT*.dat
    –     TNT*.tmp

Changing Anti-Virus to exclude scanning these file extensions will greatly reduce the impact of these errors.

If you have questions or need some assistance, visit our support page for more help.

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