SQL Restore is Taking a Long Time

Many of us have run across a situation where a SQL restore just takes FOREVER!  Since I had some time on my hands, I decided to search and found this great blog post by Matt Slocum.

Seriously, I waited well over an hour for a 58GB database to restore to SQL 2008 (and the restore never completed, I finally just stopped it as I was impatient!)

So, I followed the steps, making the change to the group policy – then restarted the SQL service.  After I did that, the restore of the same database to the same SQL server was finished in just 3 min, 51 seconds.

If you are working in an environment, where SQL restores are taking an extremely long time, maybe this will help you too.

If I find a way to get back my hour of wasted time, I’ll let you know, or you can email our wonderful support team at Support@Crestwood.com and they can help you out.

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