Top 10 Reasons Your Business Should Move to the Cloud

If you haven’t heard, many small and medium sized businesses have grown by moving their technology to the cloud.  Don’t let technology hold you back –  cloud options increase efficiency, improve cash flow, and have many other benefits.

Here are our top 10 reasons why your SMB needs the cloud:

1. Work from Anywhere:  and from any device!  If you’ve got an internet connection, you can be at work.  Businesses offering employees flexibility show increased productivity numbers on a consistent basis.  Studies have shown that 42% of employees would swap a portion of their pay for the ability to telecommute.  Give perks so that employees can enjoy a work-life balance.

2. Flexibility:  cloud services are ideal for growing businesses requiring fluctuating needs with their IT systems.  Quickly and easily scale up or down, anytime, depending on your demand.  This level of agility can give your business a real advantage over competitors.

3. Collaboration:  when your accounting, operations, and customer facing teams are all connected and have easy access to share sales and service history, inventory levels, production schedules, credit limits, and more, the results are endless.

4. Security:  this is a growing concern for all business.  Lost laptops and stolen data is an expensive business problem.  Cloud computing gives you greater security because all your data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed no matter what happens. Even remotely wipe data from those missing laptops with the click of a button.

5. Document Control:  no more emailing documents back and forth, and getting confused and overwhelmed by all the changes, formats, and versions.  With cloud options, all files are stored in a central location and everyone has access to the latest version.

6. Disaster Recovery:  does your business dream of a robust recovery plan, but lack the resources to implement it?  No matter the size of your business, now days, this is a necessity.  With cloud in the background, you have the expertise and support required, without the up-front investment.

7. Automatic Updates:  out of sight, out of mind.  This is how IT should be.  Things should just work.  Don’t worry about maintaining a system yourself, leave it to the experts.  With cloud, suppliers take care of maintenance and regular software and security updates for you, so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business.

8. Competitiveness:  take an easy step to be more competitive.  Move to the cloud.  You get enterprise-class technology to act like the big competitors.  Think big, act big – the sky’s the limit.

9. Environmentally Friendly:  you care about the Earth, and your carbon footprint.  With cloud technology, you only use the energy you need.  Show your business cares with a sustainable cloud solution.

10. Lower Capital-Expenditure: with monthly subscription models, cut the high cost of expensive hardware.  Don’t forget to factor in the savings with setup, security, and maintenance through your cloud provider.  Frightening IT projects just got easier and more cost effective.

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