Importing GI’s to Acumatica – Duplicate Screen ID’s

Don’t run into conflicts with Screen ID’s when importing Generic Inquiries (GI) into Acumatica.

When you export the GI from a source company as an XML file, it includes the Screen ID that was automatically assigned by the system.  Then, when you import the GI to the target company, if there is another pre-existing GI with the same screen ID, the import will leave a duplicate Screen ID conflict. For example, you can’t add the new GI to a dashboard.


You can either export without a site map location, or you can import it, remove the site map location, save the GI, add it again to get a new Screen ID.


Existing ID = GIOZ034

Imported GI is also GIOZ034


These two were in conflict until I reassigned the new GI to another Screen ID.

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