Scrolling Window Link Table Not on Form ERROR

Have you even been working in Dynamics GP and encountered the “Scrolling window link table not on form ERROR” combined with the Unhandled Script Exception Error related to an illegal address User ID? 

Some Background

The reason why the errors occur is there are actually some older c-tree based calls made where code is trying to access the OLFD*.dat and OLFD*.idx c-tree tables and needs read/write access.  The code interacts with the user at times, and requires access to these items. These issues are caused by some basic permissions settings that are easily changed.

How to Resolve the Errors

If the affected computer is a local instance of Dynamics GP (stand-alone) make sure the user of that machine is granted read and write access to the installation folder for Dynamics GP typically found at C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics\GP2013 (or the pertinent version).

If users in a terminal server environment are receiving errors, add or have the servers system administrator add ALL of the terminal server’s User’s Windows ID added to have read and write access to the installation folder for the terminal server.

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