Dimension Not Found Error in Management Reporter MR

If you use Management Reporter (MR) with multiple companies, you might get an error while generating reports if your companies have different:

  • Subaccount segment descriptions in Dynamics SL
  • Account Formats
  • Segment Names in Dynamics GP

Unlike FRx, MR uses the account segment names in the Row and Tree Definition Financial Dimension mapping fields.  Let’s take a closer look.


For example, Company 1 has a FlexKey defined like this in Dynamics SL for the Subaccount:

For Company 2, the FlexKey is defined like this for the Subaccount (where segments are named differently):

Or, if using Dynamics GP, the Account Format is set up like this for Company 1:

Then Company 2 has it defined like this (where segments 1-3 are named differently):

In MR, here I am logged into Company 1 and the Row Definition Link to Financial Dimension mapping field looks like this:

When opening the Row Definition logged into Company 2, it will look like this (with pluses for the Link to Financial Dimensions field), and the report will return no amounts:

The Fix:

All you need to do is rename the segment names in Dynamics SL or Dynamics GP for that company.  For Dynamics SL, go to Foundation, Shared Information, and Flexkey Definition.  Press F3 on Field Type and pull up the Subaccount.  Type in the new segment descriptions.

For Dynamics GP, from the main Dynamics GP dropdown, go to Tools, Setup, Company, Account Format.  Type the segment names to match the other companies and save.  Then run a Check Links on the Account Master table.  (Tools, Maintenance, Check Links, Account Master).

Last, log into that company in MR, and go to Tools, Refresh Cached Financial Data.

Now re-run the report, and the amounts will be correct.

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