Management Reporter MR Configuration Console Stopped Working

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I ran into a unique issue today.  A client had reset their SA password, and after doing so, they could no longer login to Dynamics GP or SQL with the SA password.  The SQL SA account kept getting locked out.

We determined this was being caused by the Management Reporter (MR) services.  When trying to launch the MR Configuration Console to fix the password issue, the console kept crashing with this error: “The Configuration Console has stopped working.”  MR had been configured to use the Dynamics GP Legacy connection rather than the datamart using SQL authentication.

MR Configuration console


  1. First, connect to SQL Server Management Studio using Active Directory authentication
  2. Reset the SA  login back to what it previously was and unlock the account
  3. Launch the MR Configuration Console
  4. Remove the Process and Application services within MR
  5. Once both those processes are removed, return to SQL Server Management Studio and reset the SA login to your new password.
  6. Last, go back to the MR Configuration Console and re-add the Process and Application Services using either the new “SA” login and password, or Windows Authentication, making sure the AD user has the proper access to the MR database in SQL.

Once this was completed, the sa password was updated to the new password and we were no longer getting locked out.  MR was also working correctly and we could get into the configuration console without it crashing.

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