Variance Presentation in Management Reporter

In your Management Reporter (MR) reports, have you experienced an issue where the favorable or unfavorable variance amounts between actuals and budgets in an income statement aren’t presented correctly?  A favorable sales variance may be incorrectly presented as a negative amount and the expense may be presented correctly or vice versa.

A way to overcome this is to use the XCR Print Control in the CALC column, for the Column Definition, as follows:

First, make sure the revenue/income rows, in the Row Definition, have a C in the Normal Balance column.

Next, set the Print Control to XCR in the CALC column for the Column Definition. This code will reverse the sign of a CALC column amount if the typical balance of a given row is a credit (as identified by a C in the Normal Balance column of the row definition).

The variance will now be presented correctly in the report.

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