Using High Def 4K Monitors in Remote Dynamics GP Hosted Systems

If you have one of the newer 4K monitors, have you run into issues with super small font size?  I recently ran into this with a client who was using a newer Ultra 4K monitor when accessing Microsoft Dynamics GP (newer supported versions) through a remote Desktop Environment.


While running queries in Dynamics GP, the results were so small we couldn’t even read them.  The standard system based fonts; such as, those used in the Dynamics GP menu structures or in Windows were not affected. However, when looking at any type of returned transactional data, the font was too small to read.

The client had recently installed a computer with highly defined graphics elements and he had the use of three (yes three) Ultra 4k 3600 by 1800 dpi resolution monitors.  These are set up as HIGH DEF Ultra 4K systems, not through a standard VGA port.  The issue is Ultra 4K displays, and changes for them in Business Application is lagging in terms of development.

Dynamics GP returned data will tend to default to a smaller (even smallest) font in the RDP environment, so until more is developed in Business Applications to account for this, these types of quirks may continue to come up as the newer resolutions become more used in the office environment.


We first tried adjusting the resolution through the RDP settings, but the changes had no effect.  We tried various other fixes, but the best option, since our client had multiple monitors, was to set the computer to use 2 monitors with Ultra 4K and one via VGA connection.  Issue solved.

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