Mouse Lagging on Remote Connections?

Hand on mouse

Most of the time I work remotely. It saves me travel time and saves my clients money.  I’m usually connecting to client systems with various VPN’s, etc. Once in awhile, when I’m VPN’d in somewhere, my mouse acts weird. It moves very slowly, like it’s underwater.

I found a quick fix – here’s what I did:

This particular VPN was a Citrix XenApp to a RDP connection. I went on the target computer and opened up the control panel to Mouse settings. Next, I changed the scheme to = (None) and unchecked the ‘Enable Pointer Shadow’ option.

Immediately my mouse was saved! It worked like it should, a normal speed and no more lag.

Have you run into a mouse issue using a VPN or RDP connection?  Comment below and let me know how you fixed it.

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