Using a Dynamics GP Purchasing Workflow


Organizations are finding lots of value out of implementing workflows in their Dynamics GP systems.  Recently, we helped a business set up one to put controls around their purchasing processes.  You could use this for purchasing office supplies, raw materials, or items to support your distribution business.

Additionally, it will help you go paperless and give visibility of those purchases, and see what effect an upcoming purchase might have on your bottom line.


It’s Simple to Use

If you are logged in as a Dynamics GP user, enter the PO information, and click “Submit”.  This is what kicks-off the workflow.

Next, go paperless and attach the documents.

That’s it.  The system does the rest based on the workflow settings.

Dynamics GP Workflow

Implementing Workflows

There are two parts to a Dynamics GP workflow:

  • Functional – define business rules, approval process, and reporting requirements.
  • Technical – setting up the workflow in Dynamics GP.

Crestwood has helped many businesses like yours set these up initially.  On the functional side, we can help your team define your purchasing process so workflows are laid out and easy to set up.

Did you know you can make the PO workflow trigger off of many different fields, including Vendor Master Information?

Dynamics GP Workflow


Similarly, there are many fields you can use when setting up the workflow for AP Approval:

Dynamics GP Workflow

Dynamics GP Workflow

Dynamics GP Workflow


On the technical side, you will need to enable email and join it to your Active Directory.  That way, routing can happen automatically.  We also have assisted companies with the Dynamics GP Document Attach feature so you can store PDF’s or other electronic documents associated with your PO’s.

Give us a call or email us at to learn more.  A small investment in setting up initial workflows can produce huge savings!

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