Save Time & Money by Using Approvals in Acumatica

Save time and money

Acumatica comes with a full approval process built in.  No matter what size company you are, everyone benefits by having an independent check on key transactions.  These approvals prevent the accidental (or intentional) loss of cash flow which could take place on unauthorized purchases, credit limits and product pricing.

Features of the Acumatica Approvals Process

Acumatica Approvals

Acumatica has a flexible approval map which allows configuration to be in line with your business processes.  They can be configured to require approval from specific employees or from workgroups of multiple employees.  Approval Steps are user defined, so there is not a pre-coded list of steps to choose from.  For example, here’s a list of “steps” that a client has used for approval processing on bills:

  • AP Bills over $10,000 – Require CFO Approval
  • AP Bills over $5,000 – Require Executive Director Approval
  • AP Bills over $1,000 – Require Director Approval
  • All AP Bills – Require Manager Approval

Approvals can also be configured for various record types, including AP Bills, AR Customers, Sales Order or Shipments, Purchase Requests or Requisitions, or Cash Transactions.

Email notifications can be activated for any Approval Map in Acumatica and used to proactively let employees know when an approval is needed.  For example, using the steps above, as soon as the AP Bill is recorded, the Manager would be notified, once the Manager approves and if the bill is over $1,000 the Director would be notified, and so on through the specifications.

Acumatica Approvals

The Acumatica ‘Home Page’ can be configured to display reminders of Tasks and Approvals needed from the specific user.

Documents overdue for approval will be escalated depending on ‘wait times’.  Escalated documents will be red flagged, to make them visually stand out.

With Acumatica version 6.10.0956 the Approvals screen includes Reject / Reject All functions.

Acumatica Approvals

Tips & Tricks

  • Acumatica Transaction Approval Processing is designed to be a document level approval, and does not support line item approvals; however, conditions can be set from line item information (AP Bill – document details) but only the first line item is monitored.
  • Once a document is placed in a ‘Hold’ status, the Approval Workflow will start again from the beginning.
  • Escalation and Wait Time settings at the Group Member level are based on the system date and time, not the Acumatica Business Date. Therefore, the approval process is working on actual dates and times, not on preset transaction dates.

We have helped many of our clients save on errors, time and money by setting up their approvals in Acumatica.  If you would like to learn more about how Crestwood can help with your Acumatica system, email us at

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