Updating Your On-Premises Data to Power BI – Using Gateways

Data Gateway

If you have an on premise database you may be curious as to how your data updates in real-time in your Power BI dashboards and reports. Instead of moving your data or constantly refreshing it, data is updated with a Power BI feature called a gateway.

onpremise data

Types of Gateways and Features

Personal Gateway

  • Works solely with Power BI
  • Runs as a single user
  • Import data and allows you to set up an automatic scheduled refresh

Organizational Gateway

  • Works with Power BI, PowerApps, Azure Logic Apps, and Microsoft Flow
  • Serves multiple users with access control (for each data source)
  • Import data and allows you to set up a scheduled refresh
  • Support for Direct Query to SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata
  • Support for a live connection to Analysis Services


Nice to know

Gateways are simple to setup.  You can download and install the gateway in generally a few minutes.

Secured access to data – The data is secured through the Azure Service Bus and your credentials are encrypted to help protect your information.

For more on requirements and considerations, check out this article from Microsoft.

If you have questions or need some assistance, visit our support page for more help.


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