Reclassifying Batches in Acumatica


Do you have batches where one line that is recorded to a wrong account, subaccount, or branch?  You probably don’t want to reverse the whole transaction to fix it.  In Acumatica, using the Reclassify action allows you to change the one line of a batch that needs to be fixed,  instead of Reversing the whole batch, or the whole document, and re-entering it.

How Reclassifying Works

Locate the Journal Transaction with the wrong account number. In this example, we are going to say the line amount of $2,182.32 is recorded to the wrong account.

Journal transaction Acumatica

Under Actions, select Reclassify.

Journal action Acumatica

The Reclassify Transactions screen will open as shown below.

Reclassify transaction Acumatica

Next, you can change the Account, Subaccount, or Branch in the columns that have To Branch, To Account, and To Subaccount by double-clicking in that area.

Reclassify transaction Acumatica edit

Make the change you need, the box to the left will automatically be checked, and you can click Process.

Process the reclassify transaction Acumatica edit

Acumatica will then create a Reclassification Batch.

Reclassification batch

When you open the batch, you can see the type is Reclassification and it is only moving the one line from the original batch to the new account without including all the other lines of the original batch. You can then click Release, and release the batch.

Release the batch Acumatica

If you click on Reclassification History, you can then see the original batch and the reclassification that was made.

Reclassification history Acumatica

Close on Reclassification history Acumatica

If you go back to the original batch, notice the Reclassification Batch indicating that line was reclassified.

Final reclassification view

This Reclassification process makes changing of account numbers, subaccounts, or branches much easier than reversing full batches, invoices, or bills.

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